Skin that looks like (wait for it)….skin!

It’s the same old story: taking as little time as possible when it comes to my daily makeup routine. But what makes this same old story even better is a super quick base routine where your skin ends up looking like actual skin….only flawless! It’s the right amount of coverage to hide any flaws, without looking/feeling like you are wearing a full face of makeup.

5 minutes is literally all it takes:

1. BB cream: applied with fingers
2. Concealer: applied with included applicator (under eyes and spot conceal as needed) then blended into skin with either blending sponge or buffing brush
3. Flawless finish powder: applied with fluffy detail brush under eyes and wherever concealer needs setting
4. Powder foundation: a light dusting of powder foundation with a buffing brush or fluffy powder brush

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