Feeling beautiful shouldn’t be limited to just your wedding day

You’re probably aware, by now, that it is CLEARLY wedding season. As if the hundreds of bridal makeup pics flooding IG haven’t been a dead give away?? Within the last few years, professional wedding day makeup for has become a staple. But, what you may not have necessarily realized is there might be equally as important reasons/occasions to have your makeup professionally done, beyond your wedding day. Since when has “getting married” become the ONLY reason to feel your absolute best?!

Here are 4 “alternative” occasions to get your makeup professionally done:

1. Maternity Photos: these photo shoots are typically scheduled during your last trimester, which also happens to coincide with the time that you might be feeling the MOST uncomfortable. As if posing in front of a camera isn’t awkward enough, not feeling your best doesn’t make it any easier :(. With professional makeup, mama-to-be gets a little pick me up, which always translates on camera! In addition to your wedding photos, you will also have your maternity photos to cherish forever. Why not feel absolutely beautiful during this milestone in your life too?!

2. Family newborn photos: adjusting to life with a newborn is TOUGH. And very rarely does mama have a moment to herself. If you can somehow fit it in….professional makeup can give you that oomph that you need to look a little more “awake” in photos than you might actually be in real life. HELLO sleepless nights! But….you’d never know it when staring at those gorgeous photos of you and that tiny human. (Note: this pretty much applies to any/all family style photos. Mamas, and non mamas alike, ALWAYS deserve a chance to feel gorgeous.)

3. Grown-up evening out: the more we “adult” the less time we have for fun evenings out. Blame it on high stress careers, momming, or general lack of time….but having a moment to pamper ourselves and/or look our best just starts taking a backseat. On the rare occasion that you might treat yourself to an evening out with friends or your boo, why not REALLY treat yourself. Let’s be honest, you’re definitely going to be snapping pics, because the odds of another nice evening out happening in the near future could be slim to none.

4. Headshots: headshots can sometimes be the first impression that a potential client may have of you and your business. 9 times out of 10 you are spending the money on getting them professionally photographed. Wouldn’t you want to represent yourself in the best way you possibly can? And like everything anything else I’ve already mentioned. When you feel beautiful, you exude confidence….which, once again, always translates on camera. From any professional perspective: confidence=success.

**Photos by Elisenda Linares Photography

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